Question: Eric Jackson, Trenton's Director of Public Works, recommended using street medians as a method of traffic calming. Do you agree?

Response: I think the grass medians are more attractive if they are mowed frequently. Perhaps they could be planted with flowers in the summer as part of a neighborhood project.

Response: I prefer the cobblestone center strips. They appear similar to the ones in Deal NJ on Ocean Ave.

Response: raised grass island would be simple to maintain (mow), with no grass growing between cobblestones, stc... This is an excellent idea that is NEEDED to slow down the speeders. I am still in favor of other methods as well (speed bumps, one way traffic, etc...)

Response: We are in favor of speed bumps, medians and balustrades with chains in an effort to reduce, restrict and slow Hiltonia's traffic

Response: this is a drastic change. I for one believe 4 way stop signs thoughout would be a good first step and then evaluate from there.

Response: A cobblestone median would be attractive and would not require maintenance like grass ones.

Response: long as the design,like those pictured, are in keeping witht the neighborhood

Response: Traffic calming works, and there are many more options than those shown on the photos.

Response: The islands will require yearly maintenance, grass cutting etc. They may ultimately cause accidents. Snow plowing would probably be hampered. Too many negatives for a small benefit. Signage seems to be a simple and cost effective way to cure the problem.

Response: but only if we use nice grassy islands with possible low scubs. A blvd look

Response: I think that this would just create more danger for walkers and bike riders.

Response: The traffic study showed that a large number of speeders come down Cornwall and/or Renfrew. Medians on Hilvista (the only street large enough possibly house medians) would not solve the problems on the avenues of Hiltonia. I would prefer to make dissallow entrance onto Hilvista from Sullivan or to see what effect increased pressure on enforcement has.

Response: cobblestone would be preferable in terms of maintenance

Response: It is obvious from the example pictures that Hiltonia doesn't have streets that are wide enough to accomodate medians. Hilvista widens a bit between Cornwall and Cadwalder but you elimate all street parking.

Response: Although I love the wide, unencumbered streets of our neighborhood, I share the concerns about speeding and unsafe driving so support the installation of medians at the intersections. I just hope that they will be aesthetically pleasing and that they will be maintained (either by the vcity or by us) so that they do not become weed-farms.

Response: The islands would be better than speed bumps; would prefer them to be relatively narrow.

Response: Speed bumps seem to be more effective in slowing a car down. The island in the middle of the street might cause more traffic accidents due to people driving over the curb (if any) of the island. Also congestion might occur when a delivery truck is stopped at one of our homes forcing an impatient driver to possibly go around an island into on-coming traffic.

Response: Speed bumps seem to be more effective in slowing a car down. The island in the middle of the street might cause more traffic accidents due to people driving over the curb (if any) of the island. Also congestion might occur when a delivery truck is stopped at one of our homes forcing an impatient driver to possibly go around an island into on-coming traffic.

Response: It is obvious that some measure needs to be taken to calm traffic through Hiltonia. Street medians appear to be the best solution in that this method will preserve the character of the neighborhood.

Response: I think the medians would be great on Hilvista, but I have serious concerns about whether there is room for medians on the other streets, where parking is needed by residents and visitors. If there is really room--and I don't believe there is--then the grassy medians would be lovely.

Response: Properly designed traffic calming works well and is far more attractive than speed bumps. I work for NJDOT and I have worked on traffic calming around the State. It is being done in Avon, Belmar and Lambertville. Our nice wide streets invite speeding. I see many residents doing it. Traffic calming will keep our streets attractive, but naturally slow traffic. Enforcement only works for a few weeks, or as long as the police want it to be an priority.

Response: The drawing on the recent flier shows these islands/medians spanning most of the intersections on Hillvista. How does one make a left off Hillvista on to say, Cadwalader? Drive over the median? I would much rather see the $100k+ budget for these medians get spent on the park. I say put up some more signs and step up the enforcement! I'd happily offer up my front yard for one of those solar powered radar boards!

Response: I do not favor islands because our streets are very slippery and dangerous when snow-covered. We often have to wait a while for the snow to be cleared, and even when that is done, it can take a while for the plowed snow to melt. I think islands would be a dangerous obstruction under the snow and would be difficult to see.

Response: My son gets picked up by bus every morning and although the bus uses it lights, speeding traffic has always been one of my concerns when it comes to safety. I can attest to several cars that have tried to "beat" the bus lights and every day speeding along my street.

Response: As the parent whose child gets picked up by the bus - I vote for the speed bumps and increased enforcement.

Response: I am having trouble visualizing just what that "cobble" island would look like. It doesn't look very attractive. The grass islands, as shown, are equally tacky. Who would maintain them? I think a better, more effective, and more cost-effective idea would be to put stop signs in--even though I would find them a pain.

Response: I don;t think that the street having a median will do anything except making th street less wide.

Response: I am concerned with the upkeep and maintenance of the street medians. Have you ever watched the City plows speed down the street during snow plowing. Our curbs have been destroyed by the plows, I can just imagine what will happen to the street medians. I would prefer trying the Stop signs first. I can't understand why the study said that we need to have more traffic in order to install a Stop sign, yet we can expend a larger amount of money for the medians with the traffic we have. Let me know what I am missing here!

Response: I think the medians are an awful idea. I wonder if those that are in favor of it live on Cornwall and Hilvista. It would change the now beautiful street to a cluttered look, an hamper street parking. I would really love to see security gates that only allow access to residents and welcomed visitors. This would even cut down on the crime in the neighborhood. Or at lease gate off the Sullivan Way access with a remote gate for residents. We certainly pay enough taxes for this security. If that's too much, I am in favor of stop signs and speed bumps. I don't understand why sign were not used long ago.

Response: I'm not sure what is the best method, but something has to be done. There MUST be a speed sign at the entry to Hiltonia off of Sullivan Way onto Hilvista. There is nothing to tell cars that they can no longer proceed at the faster speeds allowed on Sullivan Way. As a matter of fact, I am not aware of ANY speed sign in Hiltonia proper. Am I wrong?

Response: I want to know which streets the islands would be placed on. I could not tell fro the photos

Response: I would like to see outside traffic limited on our street. alot of people use this as a constant thoroughfare and it's not meant to be. I'm all for voting against excess traffic in our area.

Response: I agree that we need to take some measures to slow traffic down in our neighborhood.

Response: The islands are unattractive and take away from the character of the block. Renfrew is also used as a cut through street at a high speed. I understand there is not enough traffic but the use of stop signs would be better.

Response: Speed humps (not bumps) and speed traps are the best way to do this. Neighborhoods in Princeton have been very successful using these means. FYI - emergency vehicles have not been impeeded.

Response: Now you are finally on the right track. This is traffic calming, not bumps.

Response: the thump of the cars as they go over the hump, can be heard and felt inside. Many communities are removing them.