Question: Are you in favor of new safety construction on Route 29 as proposed by NJDOT?

Response: If something must be done think river views and park like- Not concrete and super highway

Response: No, no, NO!!! To take the only existing section of Route 29 that resembles a boulevard and destroy everything that makes it attractive is absurd, at best. The Trenton PD could pay a new officer's salary by catching speeders (the current 40 mph work zone is regularly exceeded by at least 20 mph) on Route 29. NJDOT should work with local and state police to improve enforcement, and DOT should work to replace bridges and ramps (e.g. Parkside, Memorial, Market) with traffic lights timed to slow traffic.

Response: I don't see the proposed changes to Route 29 offering improved safety.

Response: not as originally proposed; support boulevard concept, lower speed limit, more enforcement

Response: what a waste of taxpayer $$$$!Will medians prevent drunken teenagers from crashing into them instead of a tree?

Response: The components of the DOT plan which are particularly egregious & definitely over kill are the additional steel guardrails and the imposition of the median wall going all the way up to Fisher Place. No steel guard rail should be added & the wall should end at the beginning of the grassy median immediately north of the water filatration plant. No grassy median should be replaced by the wall. Otherwise, adding space to the shoulder, resuracing, regrading, imporving drainage are just fine as components of the plan. They've already removed the trees, so that is a non-issue at this point. And by the way, where is the city administration on thisimpending catastrophe?